Orange Elevator Pitch

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Australia (NCCA) launches the ‘Orange Elevator Pitch’. With this initiative the NCCA aims to provide more background information to members about members.


Every fortnight the NCCA will introduce a member that has a story to share with the NCCA Network. This allows other members to better understand the depth and breadth of the NCCA Network and provides opportunities to network for business.

Who: Fabian Windrich

What: Director Slumber Guard

Could you tell us a bit about your (professional) background?

I have a background in Advertising, Finance, Property Development & New Homes Sales.  Over the years - Slumber Guard - was something that I had worked on behind the scenes until 2012 when I started to focus on developing the business in its entirety.

What do you think makes you / your company successful in Australia?

Slumber Guard is a product that uses the same therapy that the doctors use to stop snoring but for only a fraction of the price.  It focuses on targeting snoring at the back of the throat - which is where most problem snoring comes from - rather than the nasal passages.


I provide full training to all pharmacy staff so that they can understand the truth about snoring, and in turn we are then creating a quantum shift in pharmacies across Australia in terms of how they then deal with snoring inquiry.


This formula has taken Slumber Guard from being an online-only business to being present in more than 480 pharmacies across Australia and growing.  It's a business with global potential, and we will soon be expanding into New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the EU.


In terms of myself I think that what helps me in being successful is careful planning, strategising, having two ears and one mouth and using them in the correct ratio.  Also knowing that business is something that you create. You need to create, find and explore opportunities.


It's on this basis that my business has branched out from the Slumber Guard Device to also include our own brands of Nasal Strips, Posture & CPAP related pillows and other supplies.

Can you share some professional tips for NCCA members and / or fellow Dutchies starting out in Australia?

For fellow Dutchies starting out in Australia:

 You are now in the 'Lucky Country' - this means that you not only have the opportunity but also the ability  to seize the moment and make something out of nothing.  You can create something in Australia without all the Red Tape that exists back home.  Don't wait around for something to happen.  Don't just think that you can go to an Uitzendbureau  (recruitment agency) and then they are going to call you and give you a job.  Get up. Hit the pavement.  Find work.  There is bucket loads of it here.  This is Australia.


For the NCCA Members:

 It is rather more so that I am here to learn from you...

And can you tell us why you made the move to Australia?

My parents emigrated to Australia when I was an infant - so I grew up in Perth.  We moved back to Holland when I was 16yrs and then returned when I was 23yrs, I consider myself and Dutch/Indo/Australian and really enjoy traveling, learning about people and their cultures.


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