Orange Elevator Pitch

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Australia (NCCA) launches the ‘Orange Elevator Pitch’. With this initiative the NCCA aims to provide more background information to members about members.


Every fortnight the NCCA will introduce a member that has a story to share with the NCCA Network. This allows other members to better understand the depth and breadth of the NCCA Network and provides opportunities to network for business.

Who: Marco A. Morales

What: Creative Director / Founder Little Big Epic

Could you tell us a bit about your (professional) background?

I studied Architecture in Australia and then Multimedia, and grew successfully with the Dot-Com boom as a web designer and later as an Art Director. I then worked in Amsterdam as a Creative and Strategy Director for global brands in integrated branding, advertising and marketing campaigns before starting Little Big Epic, my own creative agency here in Melbourne.

What do you think makes you / your company successful in Australia?

I provide a calculate approach to branding, marketing and advertising based on business objectives and communication strategy - which is not common here in Australia.

I help businesses establish their vision and I help brands launch products internal / B2B / B2C initiatives, services or improve brand awareness using a fact-based (Dutch) approach.You can see some of the work at

Can you share some professional tips for NCCA members and / or fellow Dutchies starting out in Australia?

Understanding Australian culture and attitudes will allow you to shape your business communications in a way that makes them relevant and engaging to Australians.

Management of expectations is important, and so is making sure that there is a shared understanding on definitions (and language) of process, deliverables and objectives. Assume nothing!

And can you tell us why you made the move to Australia?

I wanted to apply my years of well-proven European expertise to the Australian market, in order to run a successful business - but also to give our children the experience of living in Australia, where my wife is from.


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